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The Cosmic Norseman verses Morgana X #1 is here at last!


That's right kids and time for
The Cosmic Norseman verses Morgana X #1

What do these two characters have in common you ask? Nothing! But take into account the crazy mind of Clint Basinger creator of The Cosmic Norseman and other cooky stuff....and this is what you get! A rip-roaring action comic like no other. Never have you seen such a cosmic character as The Cosmic Norseman. Now he is defending himself from the sexiest, most leatial assassin in the galaxy! Will he be her easiest target ever? Find out here at last.

This 28 page comic book is black and white with grey tones aplenty. Full size book, with color covers. There is a 5 page back up story of the Cosmic Norseman by Clint also. And there is a classic 8 page reprint of Morgana X in "Milk Run" by Quinton Hoover and Allen Freeman. You can't go wrong. Even if you wanted to.

All this for $3.00 plus $1.50 postage. Just do it for the kooky letters page....or the fancy back cover......or because your mom threw out all your good comics. But just do it!

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Clint layed out the full book and wrote the story.
He then inked and toned all the panels with The Cosmic Norseman. Allen Freeman finished up the Morgana X panels colored the cover and
inked and colored the back cover with Morgana X. Clint did all the work on the Cosmic Norseman
side of the back cover....whew....a true cooperative collaboration.

<< Want to know more about the illustrious, notorious mind of Clint Basinger? Who dosen't!

Below are a few teaser pages.

  Pulse Pounding ACTION!  
Peppermint Ice-Cream!
Rocket Launchers!