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Doc Paradox by Paul Allen is a crazy 20 page full color
comic book put out by Fan-Atic Press.



Paul Allen
Creator/Artist of Doc Paradox SPEAKS:
This interview was conducted via AOL chat on March 07, 2006.

Photo of Paul Allen at 2004 San Diego Comic-Con

Tell us about yourself, where you are from and your art background if
you will?

PA: Well, I live in Sacramento, spent most of my life here. As far as my
art background, my first published comic book was in 2003. (The Nose
Ninja). It was published by Flagrant Comics, and we only printed the first
issue. It's loaded with potty humor (or I guess you could say snotty humor),
and lots of bad jokes. I'm not sure if it's available anymore though. I'm hoping
Doc Paradox will be a big break into comics, and then I'll have more of an art
background to talk about.

How old are you and how long have you been drawing?

PA: 30 and I've been drawing as long as I can remember.

From looking at Doc Paradox I'm guessing you liked Dr. Seuss or
Willie Wonka? Can you tell us your influences for Doc?

PA: Yes, those are both influences on Doc Paradox; I wanted to create a
cartoon that combined styles from that sort of cartoon genre. I think it is
kind of going into a 60's look, with bright colors like in Austin Powers. I'd
also like to build on the underground comics that R. Crumb was a big part
of, but I am not concerned with the subject matter in those stories as much
as the trippy look those comics had. And then, I wanted to throw in other
cartoonish icons, like the Bugs Bunny gloves on Trixie time. When it comes
to story, a big influence is TMNT. I think the big idea with them was creating
a reason for talking animals. What I am striving to do in the Doc Paradox
story is making a seemingly illogical chaotic environment make sense, which
is out of control time travel. In that way I'd like to think the story is more
influenced by Lewis Carol, and I am trying to joke around with
logic the way he did.

Will Doc Paradox be an ongoing series?

PA: Yes, I have already started working on the next issue.

Are there any comics out now that you read? Are there any titles that
grab you?

PA: You bet, I love comics. And I like a ton of them. I guess one I
started reading that is kind of related to Doc Paradox would be The
Invisibles by Grant Morrison. It's got to be one of my favorite time
travel comics besides Doc Paradox of course. I don't think there are
enough humor mags out there, I wish there was more stuff out there
as funny as Groo, and Johnny the Homicidal Manic ... and I hope
Doc Paradox will add something to the few humor mags that are out there.

Ok, what animations or video games have possibly influenced you?

PA: Actually, I did watch a lot of Invader Zim when I was working on issue one.

What have your family or friends thought of Doc Paradox?
Have you shown it around?

PA: Everyone has absolutely loved it! I have a feeling this comic might
be a hit.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

PA: I am having a lot of fun working on Doc Paradox, and I hope everyone
that reads it has a blast. I also feel very lucky meeting the amazing staff at
Fan-Atic Press. Breaking into comics isn't easy, and I want to thank them for
giving me a chance.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

PA: Hopefully continuing Doc Paradox. I also have some other
comics in the works (but those are top secret).

PA: I still haven’t completely made up my mind in what direction I would
like to go with comics, because I like to experiment with different styles
and genres. At the same time I'd like to take Doc Paradox all the way.
If I ever had the chance to turn it into an animated cartoon, I'd jump
on it. So I guess to sum it up, I'll be pretty busy in 5 years.

Thanks for your time Paul, and we are sure Doc Paradox will be a hit!


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