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Hopefully most of your questions about SLAM BANG and Fan-Atic Press
and the future of our society as a whole will be answered here.....


Updated 5/15/2011

Contact Dan Burke at for an update of the specs for Slam Bang #7 vol. III.


Why should I contribute a comic strip or art to SLAM BANG?

Well, if you love to draw, write and create comics but don't feel you'd get enough of a readership from just printing it in its own book you should contribute to Slam Bang. You'll still own all the rights to your work and can still publish it anywhere you want. By being in Slam Bang you can get feedback on your work, get noticed! Get a free copy of the book and tell all of your friends and relatives about it. Sign some at conventions and act like a big shot! Oh, and get a free ad in the back of the book to promote yourself or your work. And last but not least get added to this web sites' distinguished list of past contributors!

What type of stories for comics are you looking for? Or artwork?

Well most of the time there is no theme (SB #4 vol III has the theme: MUSIC) and just about anything goes that is no more offending than PG-13. We like to make the books available to a wider audience that way. I'm looking for stories 4 pages to 8 pages but can be flexible. (minimum of 4 pages)

What size should I create the comics for Slam Bang?

The image area in the book is to be determined by Dan Burke (See email above).

How do I get my contribution to you?

Ask D.B. email address above......

What is the deadline for Slam Bang?

For the next issue Slam Bang #7 vol III, the deadline is end of 2011. This is the BAD GIRLS THEME issue. Also there is a Slam Bang Yahoo Group and a BLOG that will have it posted. These links are on the LINKS page at the top. Join the Slam Bang Group today and stay informed!

What is not acceptable for a subject in a comic for Slam Bang?

If you think that your story will hurt the feelings of a certain race, or group then don't send it. Slam Bang is not a sounding board for certain splinter groups to rant or rave. Also keep away from words that would offend a 13 year old or younger. All images that are over the top sexual or violent will be either changed by you or censored by me with your approval. This can all be decided when you send the images for approval.

What if my English isn't that good and I need help with the lettering?

I can assist you with your lettering and proofing of work if you ask nicely, and if I can make sense out of your script.

What if I have a story that is 20 pages or more and would make a great comic book, will you publish it?

I will consider helping with some projects and publishing it under the Fan-Atic Press banner. But these are few and far between as I have many projects going right now. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Got a question that I missed? Email me!


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