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New Voice Publishing and Fan-Atic Press set aside all their bickering
and fighting and backstabbing, to bring you this wonderful comic book:

Tim Corrigan's MIGHTYGUY == Out To Lunch!

What? A team up of New Voice Publishing a Tim Corrigan company and Fan-Atic Press? What is the world coming to? Don't answer that. This 28 page comic by Tim Corrigan proves that two mega powerhouse comic companies can come together in brotherly love. (To make a buck.) Hand- in-hand working together just for the betterment of the comic fans of the world. (And to make a buck.)

This black and white full size comic with color covers is all Tim Corrigian, writing and art...just the way you like it!

(OUT NOW). Or see it at the SPACE CON April 18/19th in Columbus, OH. Where you can buy the comic and have it signed by Tim Corrigian! And maybe the publisher Allen Freeman who only put the book together for the printer....and wrote this wonderful prose about the issue. Sure, you know you want it!


Here is just one of the mighty pages from this massive 28 page six story comic book, collectors item, instant classic!

Now, aren't you glad you scrolled down! Just think if you'd left without seeing this page.
You'd probably never know what a sample page from this comic book would have looked like!

Also did you know that if you walked around the world you'd have to go 25,000 miles
to get back to where you started from??
Thought not.