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Now available in the STORE! First mini-comics from Fan-Atic Press since the Mini-Bang issues inserted
in Slam Bang in the mid 1980's!!

From the mind of Edward James Noel comes....

NOBLE HEAD FUNNIES #1, #2, #3 and #4

A Mini Comic! Yeah, the first one from Fan-Atic Press in many many years! Hoo-Ha!

Black and white comic, 28 pages, color covers.
Covers colored by Brad W. Foster!

From the desk of Ed James Noel:

Attention, persons of quality!  Three volumes of nobility are arriving in one fell swoop, to bring an aristocratic grace to our strife-picked world!  In the second action-suffused issue of "Noble Head Funnies," you can join Mr. Kitty Fluff and his funny friends as they fend off an alien invasion with no weapon but a comfortable couch!  Plus, the comic sensations of the 1939 World's Fair, Trylon and Perisphere!  In the third thrill-packed issue, Pinkerton Puss and his hard-boiled homeys solve "The Mystery of the Black Fire"!   Plus, designer jeans for celestial bodies!  And in the fourth fun-tastic number, the Three Perplexicators investigate "The Mystery of the Musical Hole"!  Plus, a miniature wheelbarrow!  Reserve your copies now before the nobs on Nob Hill grab them all!  NOBLE HEAD FUNNIES is suitable for all audiences and strictly upper-crust!

#1 out now. #2-#4 out April 22nd, 2010- see them in the STORE!