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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (Contributors to the 1985-1990 Slam Bang vol I issues.)

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Ed (or Ted) was in: Slam Bang Vol I issues: 4,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,15,18,24,25, +Slam Bang Yearbook
Edward Bolman, where are you now:


Edward update (Feb 2008):

I'm not really an artist. I'm a writer who needs diagrams.

During my misbegotten youth, I contributed a number of wildly uneven cracks and slams to Giant Size Mini Comics, Ultra Klutz, Small Press Comics Explosion, Slam Bang, and other scurrilous publications.

After recovering from this delinquency, I got hitched and attended Northern Arizona University.

From 1996 to 1998, Cat and I published 25 issues of "The White Buffalo Gazette," the journal of the Obscuro Art movement and the successor to "The City Limits Gazette" of Bruce Chrislip and Steve Willis. WBG has also been published by Maximum Traffic, Delaine, Jeff Zenick, and many more, even Steve Skeates. We also published six issues of our humor magazine, "Gorilla Cookies," which never had a circulation of more than a few dozen, but gained a slight claim to fame by being prominently displayed in the 'zine store in the motion picture, "Ghost World."

Having inherited a fraction of the Parker Brothers board game fortune, I invested wisely, or rather luckily, and spent many years raising a child and assisting Cat with her comedy work. When Howard Stern left terrestrial radio, Cat managed to nab his spot on Albany's rock station, The Edge, where she is doing a fine job.

In 2007 I was active in the Harry Stephen Keeler society, proudly publishing an article on Keeler's novel "The Riddle of the Traveling Skull" in the latest issue of "The Keeler News." I did front and back covers for a new issue of the White Buffalo Gazette, published by Maximum Traffic.

I also started hesitantly working on a three issue story, "Rock and Roll Death Wagon." I finished the first issue while being documented by a reality show. When it airs, I will be, for fifteen minutes, the most famous, and most humiliated, completely unknown cartoonist in the country. I'm waiting to see if this kills me or makes me stronger. (Any professionals out there want to ink this story? It's "realistic" and a bit beyond my skills.)

I keep a Norwegian forest cat.

The only place to see my drawings at the moment is my Myspace galleries:


Pax Vobiscum,


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