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Edward Bolman and his wife Cat have fnally released all 4 issues of
Rock and Roll Death Wagon.

All 4 issues are now available in the STORE!

Hi! This is Edward.

"Rock and Roll Death Wagon" is a four part comic book novel written by Cat Noel and myself and illustrated by me. I started the first issue over the summer while my son was away at camp (a pleasant summer) and finished it up while filming an episode of "Wife Swap" (a more trying circumstance).

We've now finished with the series, and finishe the first issue of, "Noble Head Funnies," a simple and wacky book featuring anthropomorphic animals and perplexing objects. We are here to amuse you. Please stay tuned.


Black and white comic, 28 pages, color covers. Front covers colored by Allen Freeman. Back covers sport the alphabet panels done by Ed years ago, redesigned and colored by Brad W. Foster! See the full alphabet once you get all 4 issues.

OUT NOW- see it in the STORE!


Cover #2

All 4 issues and now in the STORE!

Delaine, a young Wisconsin tattoo enthusiast, meets Orson, an established tattoo artist,
and is swept away to Orson's shop in North Hollywood.  

Delaine soon finds that North Hollywood is not exactly the glamor capital of the world,
and the Grim Reaper may be hovering about the tattoo shop,
pushing his shopping cart full of electric guitars.

ALL 4 issues of this series are now available and in the STORE!