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SLAM BANG #6 vol III (or issue #46)

Cover #6
Deadline extended to end of January 2011. Act now!

See FAQ link for all info.


In this issue so far:

(Some Names May Drop Out
or New Ones Listed at Any Time)

Paul Alvis
Alan Anguiano
Robin Ator
Matjaz B.
Clint Basinger
Michael Berry
Josh Blair
Dan Burke
Cary Baker
Nathan Corrigan
Matt Feazell
Brad W. Foster
Tim Fuller
George Hartman
Joshua Hicks
Paul Houston
Just Added: Daryl and Joe Hutchinson
Rob Jackson
Ron LeBasseur
Dean LeCrone
George Leon
Matt Levin
Marshall Loveless
Anton Miller
David Miller
Mark Monlux
Scott Nickel
Terry Pavlet (+Cover)
Danos Philopoulos
Edward Pun
Tommy Reeves
Neil Riehle
Chris Tirri
Christina Wald
Megaron Xavier

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Cover by Jim Stanton

(Fast Food)
Out April 22nd, 2010.
Get to SPACE in Columbus, OH,
April 24th and 25th to see it first!


Deadline Expired
Book out April 22nd, 2010.

The theme is:

Slam Bang #5 vol III
This is the final -confirmed- list.

Dan Burke + Interview
Joshua "Satchmo" Hicks
Allen Freeman + Interviewer and editor
Evgeniy Ognarev
Cary Lee Baker
Barry Southworth
Rodolfo Maximiliano Buscaglia
George Leon
George Hartman
Clint Basinger
Estelle Soh
Rab Green
James Stanton + Interview
Nathan Corrigan
Robert Winters
Curtis Lawson
Brad W. Foster
Jim Siergey
Mark Monlux
Shawn Williams
Blayne Belter
Anton Miller

Juan Francisco Perez Vargas
Rriki Takaoka
Matt Feazell
Daryl Hutchinson
Lawrence Tisch
Joe Hutchinson
Mark Martin
Christina Wald
Steve Black
Michael Wurl

John Lustig
Chad Woody
Matt Leven
Albo Helm
Sandra de Hann

Contributors: Make sure I have your mailing address!
Send it to:

This is the final -confirmed- list.

Next issue theme:

Check the FAQ.

Contributors get a free copy of the book, and a black and white ad in
the back: 2" tall x 5" wide.



(Available NOW)

Interview With Brad Foster!


Adam Wilson, Luisa Russo, Dan Burke, Matjaz Bertoncelj, Allen Freeman, Anton Bogaty, Brian Hagen, Rob Schamberger, Charlene Chua,Clint Basinger, David Branstetter, C. William Cooke, Gerorge Hartman, Jason Nocera, Dan Taylor, Jim Pack, James Stanton, Agata Laguniak, Kirt Dinse, Larry Blake, Henry Covert, Mark Monlux, Marianne Petit, Tim Corrigan, Tommy Reeves, Neil Riehle, Pat Aulisio, Edward Bolman, John Lustig,, Matt Levin, Russell Merritt, Jim Siergey, Mario Mancuso, Alberto Pessoa, Cary Lee Baker. Cover: Charlene Chua, Backcover: Allen Freeman, Inside Cover: Brad W. Foster, Inside Backcover: Neil Riehle.

MUSIC THEME (Issue Includes a Free CD of Indy Bands!) Bands on the CD: Slam Bang, Factory Damage, Phoenix Rising, Red Plastic Budda , Blue Smoke Band, Ruela Bel, Violence Unfolds, The Rutabaga Band, Travis Shredd

Want to be a part of the next great issue? Then check out the FAQ page and read how. Theme FAST FOOD, deadline end of 2009.

You can also email: for info.



The Explosive Comic Anthology! ALL NEW STUFF! Digest, full color covers, Square Bound,
202 black & white pages! (Graphic Novel format! Fill your shelf!)

MOSTLY TRUE STORIES issue! Just when you thought it was never going to come out here it is, in all its glory! Start off with a Michael Wurl "what if" cover then jump to a color inside cover by Quinton Hoover! Mostly true stories by: Brad Foster, Clint Basinger, Mark Monlux, John Lustig, Dan McConnel, Marianne R. Petit, Allen Freeman, Max Ink, Roberta Gregory, Joyce Glasgow, Larry Blake, Steve Keeter, Simon Mackie, Tommy Reeves.

Then the not so true stories by; Chris Moshier, Giancarlo Lima, George Hartman, Gord Commings, James Stanton, Mark Martin, Marjaz Bertoncelj, Patrick Hickey, Rodolfo Buscaglia, Rory McConville, Brent Giles, Wes Huffor, James Reed, Michael Aushenker, Spyros Verykios, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tim Corrigan, Travis Legge, J.T. Blevins, Michael Wurl, Dan Lauer, Chad Lambert, Louis Ivan Flores, Tim Jensen, David Johnson Jr., Allan Dale Stong, Paul Swain! Color inside back cover: Cline Siegenthaler. Color back cover: Allen Freeman


Slam Bang #2 vol III
(Or issue #42) is now out! The book looks fantastic! I've already mailed out the contributor copies and expect a letter of comment from each and every one of you! Well, ok, just most of you. I'm very proud of this issue and I think you'll be excited to be a part of it. I'm expecting a review of the book in The Comic Buyer's Guide, Ka-Whump! #3, and other fine small press and Indy zines, and online reviews also of course. If you see a review of the book somewhere let me know so I can list it here. Wow a rave review for Slam Bang #2! @Midnight Fiction

Email me for a full page ad that you can print out and make copies of for handing out at any comic related event! I'll soon have more of my famous postcards for all the "free tables" at the comic shows and can send you a few if you would like to spread the word!

The book is available in the STORE right now! This issue is 210 pages, making it the largest issue of Slam Bang ever! Color covers and spine, with black and white interiors,
with the following contents:


SLAM BANG #1 vol III (Still the HOT SELLER!)
The Explosive Comic Anthology! ALL NEW STUFF!
Digest, full color covers, Square Bound, 200 black & white pages! 2006 (Graphic Novel format! Fill your shelf!))

Over 50 contributors! Humor, drama, adventure, you name it, its all here in one big package! Tim Corrigan, Charlene Chua (Cover), Christina Wald (other cover), Scott Nickel, John Lustig, Jim Siergey, Kevin Hanna, Ron Fontes, Jeff Gaither, Craig Boldman, Dan Taylor, Dean LeCrone, Brad Foster, Allen Freeman, Paul Allen, Robin Ator, more...lots more!

"Can't say much more than this is indeed THE best small press book to come out in 2006"
--Ka-Whump! #2

"A little something for every taste!"--Comic Buyers Guide
"Best anthology of the year!" --Small Press Extra #3
Check out the rave reviews of Slam Bang #1 vol III HERE!


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