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SPACE CON 2006 on 2 DVD's!

Scroll down for the slideshow!

SPACE 2006 2 DVD Set! OUT NOW!

Christopher Moshier, Mike Hutchings, and myself (Allen Freeman) ran around interviewing over 40 creators at the SPACE CON, in Columbus, OH last May 13th. SPACE stands for Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo. It is in it's 6th year I believe and growing all the time. I attended in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. I'll also be there again April 21st and 22nd for the next one! Yes, Chris and I'll be shooting more interviews and this time it will be more of a retrospective of the SPACE con itself! Should be interesting!

Here you'll get all the footage (that we liked) from the PRE PARTY. That is where everyone hung out the night before the show at Kern's Cafe. Matt Feazell was there and Dave Sim and Gerhard among others like Stan Yan, and Bob Corby. Yes and lots more!

Then you get the INTERVIEWS section where we interviews the creators and posted up there names for you and sometimes showed the comics they had worked on. You'll find it is just like being at the con but here you actually are asking the right questions that maybe you were too shy to ask or maybe you didn't even attend the con. Either way you'll meet creators (and learn a bit about them) that you haven't seen before!

POST SPEAK, is the section where Chris Moshier, Todd Ritter, Mike Hutchings and I (Allen Freeman) all gathered at a nice restaurant after the show and talked about the show and other conventions and way interesting things!

COMIC PANEL, is where Rafer Roberts, Allen Freeman (me again), Pam Bliss and Paul Hornschemeier all were on a comics panel called "The Business of Comics". Learn something here! Moderated by Eric Adams.

DAY PRIZE is the footage of Dave Sim and Gerhard giving out the various awards from the books that were submitted the year before. This is where I was nominated for a story in Slam Bang #7 called "Justin's Last Chance". A story by Anton Bogaty. You will not see me there to get my trophy sadly enough, as I had no idea that I was to get one, and I was back at my booth collecting all the money from all the sales of Slam Bang and other Fan-Atic Press books. But you'll see all of the creators that did show up to get an award! Tim Corrigan got a special and see...!

PICTURES is a slide show of photos that I took during the con. Todd Ritter and Mike Hutchings also took a few as well. They are all here. The good ones anyway.

So for a measly $15 you can have this beautiful 2 Disk set!

And while you are at it don't forget to scan down the STORE page and check out SPACE 2005 DVD. Another great video all shot and edited by me. So you know its good!